Education and Patriotism

Written by Laine McKay Norton

I show my patriotism by educating people about what it means to live in a self- governing society. A free country only remains free from oppression and chaos when its people are educated about their system of government. Learning about current American government and history of the United States keeps a culture of self- governance alive.

Learning history helps us to preserve liberty in the United States. A patriot is someone who is educated about past events so that he can make informed decisions on current issues. Maximilien Robespierre explained, “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant” (Robespierre). Patriots do not want their people to live under tyranny, so they initiate education of the masses.

In the summer of 2016, I spoke at The Young Americans for Liberty national convention in Washington D.C. At this convention, I spoke about the importance of the Constitution and how it is still applicable today. A first step towards more liberty, is to learn the rules of the Republic. We can educate ourselves about the rulebooks, the U.S. and State Constitutions..

Education preserves liberty. Thomas Jefferson is the classical example of a patriot one who shared his thoughts on liberty for everyone to hear without fearing any consequences. He wrote, “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic” (Jefferson).  A patriot is someone who teaches people about what is closest to their heart– freedom.


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