What is the Independence?

The Independence is the Scholarly Journal of Heritage Academy, run entirely by students. Membership in the journal staff is an extracurricular activity and is not affiliated with any school class. Members of the Journal help refine and publish the writings of the scholars of Heritage Academy so that others outside of Heritage Academy may learn and benefit from the unique classical education that our school provides its scholars. Students who wish their writings to be published submit their choice works to the journal for review. Our members then review the submissions, judge how ready they are for publication, and provide suggestions. If the paper is promising, our members meet with the author, go over the proposed changes and finalize permission to publish their work in the Journal.

While the Independence will accept and publish literature of all sorts, including poems, scientific papers, personal narratives, short stories, biographies etc…, our primary focus is on the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, especially those of the Founding Fathers and Mothers of the American nation. These papers are given preference, and as a result, most literature found in the Independence originates from assignments in the history and government classes.

The Independence does not receive any funding from Heritage Academy, all funds used to run the journal come from the donations of students, parents, and generous outside individuals.


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